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Est 1979
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1939 Ford
The Bonneville Boomer
Owner: Don Richardson
Bare Metal 1953
Salt Flats 1953
1952 Doug
Rice Filing lead
Shelton Drags
Salt Flats
Salt Flats
Salt Flats
1954 Salt Flats.
Tahitian Red Paint.
Doug and Janet's
Janet in Uniform that she
made to match the car.
1954 Salt Flats.
1932 Barris
built car they
bought on their
1953 Daily Driver
Notice the trailer
hitch for their
horse trailer.
1953 Shelton
Drag Strip.
Powered by a
Flathead and it
did real well.
The car went
104 mph in the
1/4 Mile in 1954.
1952 Shelton Drag
Strip. - Doug and a
few friends telling
stories and kicking
1954 Bonneville
Salt Flats.  Doug
and Janet won
second place
trophy for their
Janet by the
1939 Ford
getting her
picture taken
while on a road
1956 Portland Roadster Show.
1956 Portland
Roadster Show.
The car was
Painted Black.
1954 Salt Flats.  
The car went
126.58 mph with
the old flathead
powering her on.
1956 Custom
Car Annual.
One of the many
Magazines that
this car has
been honored in.
Don purchased the 1939 Ford from a Cousin of a Friend in 1983.  It was in a pile of parts and as many projects sit it
also was covered with all kinds of things.  The old adage of no flat space will be left clear.  When Don was trailering it
home a fella followed him.  That was Eric Perkins.  Eric remembered the car from the '50's and was excited to see it
on the trailer and his curiosity had him follow Don.  A friendship that would last many years began that day.

Don worked real hard on restoring the '39 to look like the Custom that it was in the 50's.  In 1985 Don and Irene
began a great journey in taking the car to the Salem NHRA event.  The response was tremendous.  People swarmed
the car and spoke of their memories of the cars' drag racing days.  One fella stood there and cried.  He was so
overcome with seeing the car again.  At one point a fella yelled, "Everyone step away from the car so that we can take
a picture!"

We spoke with a lot of people about the car and to our amazement and great joy some of those fine folks sent us
pictures from the 50's that they had stored away.  We made copies of all of them and shared one copy with Doug and
Janet.  They had a home fire and lost all of their old pictures.  So it was a great thing that we were able to share
whatever we obtained with them.

While we were in Merced California a fella was looking so close at the car that Irene told Don if he had a tape
measure he would be using it.  The fella was Roger Hendrickson of Fairmont, Minnesota.  He was at that time trying
to recreate the car and could not believe his eyes when he saw it in person.  He had no idea that it was on the road
again.  On R
ogers'  way home he, his wife Julie and a friend stopped by our home in Washington to see our picture
book and to stay the night.  Nice folks!

Don and Irene have had the pleasure of driving the "Bonneville Boomer to California, Oregon, St. Paul Minnesota,
Canada and more....
 While in Minnesota we stopped by the Hendrickson's home.  It was a great visit.

One of the great things about the Old Car Hobby is the bringing of cool people from all walks of life together.  That is
such a splendid bonus to having a cool ride to be in.

Happy and Safe Motoring,
Irene Richardson